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Choosing the Right Fishing Chair for Yourself

When you're shopping for a fishing chair, how are you supposed to make a great decision that you'll be happy with for years to come? There are many different models on the market today and they come with all sorts of features and benefits. Ultimately... Read more!

How Can Fishing Chairs Make a More Comfortable Day of Fishing?

There is an abundance of great fishing chairs on the market today, and many people continue to be converted to using them. If you're not sure about why you should start using one of these fishing chairs then you'll see that there are many reasons. Taking... Read more!

Latest Fishing Chair Reviews

Unifold 3 position Aluminum Fishing Chair Review

Searching for a good fishing chair – the Unifold Aluminum Chair with 3 Positions by GCI may be the ideal one for you. The Unifold Aluminum 3 position fishing chair is equipped with 2 arm-rests placed... Read more!

Oasis Backpack Fishing Chairs Review

Fishing chairs should really provide you with the utmost in comfort, convenience, portability and more. The Oasis Backpack Fishing Chair lives up to those standards by providing some great features and... Read more!

Wise Seats Premium Fishing Boat Seat Review

A fishing boat seat has one main job for you, and that's to keep you as comfortable as possible all day long. Of course, it should also be able to hold up against the elements and it should look great... Read more!

ALPS Mountaineering LeanBack Fishing Seats Review

Fishing seats aren't complex, but that doesn't mean that they can't provide you with some extra features and design specifications that help to make your life that much easier. With the ALPS Mountaineering... Read more!

GCI Outdoor Xpress Lounger Fishing Seat and Folding Chair Review

The GCI Outdoor Express Lounger and fishing seat is a very high quality and versatile option in the world of portable folding chairs. In fact, because of the special technology it uses for folding down,... Read more!